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These prices include postage anywhere in the world. Within Australia I use Express Post, so most orders will arrive in your letterbox the day after you order them. For overseas orders, I use airmail, which takes about 28 days. So if you are outside Australia and want your Snorer's Friend in a hurry, please don't order from me. I can't make airmail go any faster!

Please note that my trading name is ADL resources, and this is what will appear on your credit card statement - actually it will appear as PAYPAL*ADLRESOURCES - and also on the top of the next page.

This is probably a good thing for anybody who is a bit embarrassed about their snoring - they won't have to see "Snorer's Friend" on their statement - but it could cause you some confusion if you see "PAYPAL*ADLRESOURCES" on your credit card in a month's time and wonder what on earth it's about.