Buy A Snorer's Friend ® by EFT payment

Please go ahead and make your EFT payment using your bank's online banking service.

And then PLEASE don't forget to let me know you've done it!

If you let me know by email and you don't get a confirmation email, it means your email has not been received and your Snorer's Friend is NOT on it's way. If that happens, try to resend your email if you like or just call me and let me know.

It can take a couple of days for the banks to pass on the payment (gotta love the way they pretend it takes 48 hours for something to happen, just so they get to hang on to a big pile of cash - just think of the interest they are earning!) But don't worry about that, if you seem honest I'll send your Snorer's Friend as soon as you tell me you've initiated the transfer.

Bank BankSA
BSB 105008
Acct 087959540
Name ADL Resources Trust

Please make sure you tell me HOW MUCH you have transferred (so I know whether you wanted the Guarantee or not) and the REFERENCE you used! I'd recommend using your full name, or as much of it as will fit. Please don't put something generic like "Snorer's Friend" or "Mouthguard" for the reference, because that won't help me work out WHO the payment is from. But whatever you use, please let me know. And of course, please let me know your POSTAL ADDRESS! Email me at

Before I wrote this paragraph, only about 1 in 5 people managed to give me all 3 pieces of required information in their first email.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you highlight the text below, and copy and paste it into your email, then fill in the three "xxx" areas before sending it.

Hi Scott!

Great website, thanks for all the helpful information!
I've decided it's time I really did something about my snoring, so I want to give your device a go.
I have transferred $xxx into your bank account today.
I used the reference "xxx"
I understand that using the reference "Snorer's Friend" wouldn't help identify my payment at all, so I used my name instead!
Please post it to
I am looking forward to quiet nights!

Best regards
A. Snorer