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OK, please get your credit card ready and call me!

Within Australia, you can call me on 1800 726889 during business hours. Outside Australia, you can use +61 8 7225 1126. My timezone is GMT + 9.5hrs. You can also call my mobile if you want to. 0407 712 883.

Please note that if you use this option, I will process your credit card payment over the internet, and it will appear on your bill as "paymate". So if you are wanting to do your credit card payment over the phone because you are worried about internet security, well, this won't really help you.

I would point out that PayPal is a much safer system than Credit Card Over Phone. With PayPal, I never see your card details. Compare that to what happens when you ring my office : someone here has to write your card details down on a piece of paper. Now, if someone breaks in here and gets that paper, they can use it just like someone that had stolen it from the internet. And it's MUCH MUCH easier to break in to my office than to break in to PayPal. All you need is a crowbar or a brick. It's also a lot easier to tap a phone call than break in to PayPal, so someone could be listening in when you tell me your card details. So if you really want to be safe, use PayPal. If you are scared of the internet, ring me and I'll do it for you, with the same level of security as using your credit card in any other shop or restaurant. But honestly, it's safer to use PayPal.