Collection of Snores

Here is a collection of snoring sounds.

Do any sound familiar??

I'll send a COMPLETELY FREE Snorer's Friend ® to the first 5 people to a recording of their snoring that I can add to this collection. Just email in a .wav or .mp3 of your snoring, along with some information about yourself : sex, age, weight, height. A photo would of course be appreciated but is not required.

What are you waiting for? You could be famous!! You'd also be helping improve the website too :)

Of course you can also post in your snoring sound sample on USB or CD if you prefer. Address here.

You can listen to the snores by clicking the little speaker symbols

Both MP3 and WAV format are available. You can probably play the MP3 format just by double-clicking on it, or if you are really clever you can download it to your iPod to enjoy anywhere!. Try the WAV format if your computer doesn't like the MP3s

Neil, a customer from Victoria (no picture provided).

Nov 2006


Jo, 37 yr old female from ACT, Australia

14th Dec 2007



See, plenty of women snore! It's not just a guy thing. Good on Jo for helping women realise snoring is normal, and in most cases easily cured.

Jo received a free Snorer's Friend for being kind enough to send in this picture, and a recording of her snoring.

Jo's snoring is interesting because there is a slight "wheeze" noise at the commencement of each inspiration, which subsequently changes to classic oropharyngeal snoring. Have a listen, you can hear the wheeze after the first few snores.

I'll post a report here on what effect the Snorer's Friend had on Jo's snoring after she's had a chance to try it out. Fingers crossed for 100% reduction!

PS Isn't Jo's baby girl cute??

Here's Jo's reply to my followup email, two weeks later :

Dear Scott
We are sooooo happy with the result. My husband Matt is getting a good night's sleep as well as myself. It has taken time to get used to sleeping with the mouth guard but I have it sorted now. I can even still drink out of my water bottle while still wearing the mouth guard.
Thank You so much, would you like a sound file of how I sleep now?
I have been recommending your product.
Kind Regards
Jason, male in 30s from QLD, Australia

6th Feb 2008


Jason's wife sent in this picture of him and a recording of his snoring. I sent them a free Snorer's Friend in exchange. Looking forward to their feedback!

[your snore here!]
[your snore here!]

Here are some other snoring sounds I found on the internet

"The Growler"
an unidentified snorer
"The Honker"
an unidentified snorer
click click
"The Snorter"
an unidentified snorer
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"The Snorter-Honker cross"
an unidentified snorer
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