Payment Methods Comparison

There are an incredible 6 (yes 6!) payment methods you can choose between. I have arranged them in order of coolness, so just read down until you find one you are happy with and then click through to purchase.

(1) Use your Credit Card or Debit Card (Visa / Mastercard) or PayPal Balance

This is the coolest option by a good margin. It is the fastest and the safest. I get the money within a few minutes of you paying, and I never see your credit (or debit) card details which means nobody can break in here and steal them.

PLEASE NOTE The PayPal payment screen looks a bit like you have to "register" to make a payment. But you don't. See details here.

If you have any problems with PayPal (like it won't accept your card), please phone me on 1800 726 889 and I'll help you with one of the other methods.

Click here if you want to use this payment method.

(2) Direct deposit by EFT (BSB and Account)

This is a reasonable option. If you are really nervous about using your credit/debit card, or just don't have one, then this is probably a more comfortable option for you. I think it only works if you are within Australia.

It's not quite as quick or easy for you as option (1), but it's still pretty easy-ish. Of course you will also need to send me a separate email telling me where you'd like the Snorer's Friend sent to.

It's not quite as quick or easy for me either, as it's a lot harder to work out who the payments are from. It's very difficult to work out what's gone wrong when someone's EFT transfer fails, or they forget to make it. I'll usually have quite a few candidates who MIGHT be the person who forgot to pay, and I have to contact all of them to see which one it was. This is a major drag.

You can also do a direct deposit by walking into a bank and filling out a form, if you don't have internet banking enabled on your account.

Click here if you want to use this payment method.

(3) ebay (search for "Snorer's Friend")

You can buy a Snorer's Friend from me via ebay as well. Ebay offers a variety of payment methods.

When purchasing on ebay you also get some extra protection under ebay's "Fraud Protection Program" which you might like if you think this is all a scam. All the Snorer's Friends® I offer on ebay include the Money Back Guarantee option.

Click to go to ebay. Search for "snorer's friend".

(4) Post me a cheque, money order or bank draft in Australian Dollars
If you prefer to post in a cheque or similar that's fine too.

I don't check my PO Box every day, so it would be a good idea to let me know you are sending a payment, otherwise it could wait there for a week before I hear about your order. This might make you sad, and will definitely make me sad as I try really hard to give great service.

Click here for more details (and a cheesy order form) if you want to use this method.

(5) Phone me for a credit card payment over the phone (Visa and Mastercard only)
Within Australia, you can call me during business hours and most evenings. Outside Australia, you can still call me but it would be clever to check my local time here first. My timezone is GMT + 9.5hrs, give or take a bit due to daylight savings.

Please note that if you use this option, I will process your credit card payment over the internet, and it will appear on your bill as "paymate". So if you are wanting to do your credit card payment over the phone because you are worried about internet security, well, this won't really help you. I point out that PayPal is a much safer system than Credit Card Over Phone. With PayPal, I never see your card details. Compare that to what happens when you ring my office : someone here has to write your card details down on a piece of paper. Now, if a nasty person breaks in here and gets that paper, they can use it just like someone that had stolen it from the internet. And it's MUCH MUCH easier to break in to my office than to break in to PayPal. All you need is a crowbar or a brick. So if you really want to be safe, use PayPal or one of the other methods.

Click here for phone numbers if you want to use this payment method.

(6) Come and buy one personally (only good if you are near Adelaide, Australia).
I am happy to meet you in a public place. I will wear a trenchcoat with my collar up and hat pulled down. I will walk with a slight limp, favouring my right leg. I will have a yellow carnation in my top pocket. Bring the money in small, unmarked bills, in a brown paper bag. The password is "beans". Just kidding.

You can pop in to my shiny* new warehouse and pick one up most weekdays, click here for address. VERY IMPORTANT!! Please ring me first to make an appointment as I am often out and about, sometimes for many hours at a time. Payment by cash, cheque, credit/debit card or livestock trade are all fine. I don't have eftpos though.

*"shiny" refers to some specific fixtures in the lunchroom only. Most of the warehouse could more accurately be described as "dull and boring".

So.... will you take action now to fix your snoring or just keep on clicking your mouse button, hoping that will fix it? The choice is yours..... ;)