Money Back Guarantee

So how does the Money Back Guarantee work and why is it optional?

If you haven't used a Mandibular Advancement Device before, I recommend paying the higher price and I'll include a money-back guarantee - if you are not happy with the product, for whatever reason (doesn't work, hurts your teeth, won't fit in your partner's ear [that's a joke]) just let me know and I'll send your money back. All of it. I don't even impose a time limit, although if you could please keep refunds within 12 months of purchase it simplifies my accounting somewhat.

There's a list of the reasons people claim refunds below, to scare you into buying the guarantee.

Well, I don't really want to scare you, but I really do hope you will buy the guarantee if you haven't used this kind of thing before. It's heartbreaking for me when I get customers who decline the guarantee and then feel ripped off if they happen to be in the minority of people it doesn't work for.

In the event that you need to make use of the guarantee, you don't have to return the device (it's not like I could resell it!), just tell me about your experience and I'll send the money back. I know this makes me a bit vulnerable to dishonest people but I don't believe there are enough of them in the world to really hurt me.

Medical research shows these devices are effective for about 80% of snorers, so I expect around 20% of customers will want a refund. My financial plan takes that into account so I really won't let you down, Scout's Honour. Call me on my cell phone or mobile and abuse me if I do. Number is +61 407 712 883 (from outside Australia) or 0407 712 883 (from within Australia).

The guarantee is optional so that people who have used similar devices in the past and know they work (for them) can save some cash. That seemed fairer to me than making everyone pay for the costs of upholding the guarantee. It also helps make my price the best on the internet for people who are purchasing to replace a worn out unit, or just want a spare, and have no need for a Money Back Guarantee.

My aim is to make sure you have a good experience when you deal with me. I want you to tell all your friends about this site, whenever snoring is discussed. That is the way to build a sustainable business, in my opinion. My product is a genuinely useful device that really does stop a lot of people snoring - but unfortunately it doesn't work for everyone. No snoring "cure" will do that, despite some colourful claims by my competitors. Please, if my device doesn't work for you, tell me and get your money back. I'll give you some pointers on what to try next, and what to look out for. And then please tell your friends that I am an honest guy. The Snorer's Friend ® may work just fine for them.

And finally, for those of you that love statistics (I know I do!) here's how the guarantee has worked out over the last 1000 sales :

78% of customers purchased the guarantee, 22% declined it.
Of the customers that purchased the guarantee, 13% used it.
(percentages last updated 14th April 2007)

Of the refund claims, here are the most common reasons (Percentages to follow, eventually. For now the reasons are presented approximately in order from most common to least common).

Reason Percentage
Jaw joint limit

Customer advances jaw to limit of comfort but snoring does not decrease, or does decrease but is still loud enough to be a problem.


Sometimes customers send me an email like "it's not working" with no further information. In those cases I respond with a couple of questions (hoping that I can help them get it working). Frequently I don't get a response. I give them a few days to answer (because I am sure they'd rather have a cure for their snoring than their money back) but if they don't answer I just send their money back. It's a pity really, in most cases some simple adjustments would have made it work.

There are also a few customers who clearly haven't understood the instructions, and my attempts to provide further explanation are met with hostility. I refund to placate in these situations.

Falling out

Device falls out of mouth while asleep. Some people open their mouths quite wide when asleep, and the Snorer's Friend falls out. Thankfully there are not too many people in this category, and many people that usually sleep open-mouthed will automatically keep their mouths closed when they have something in there.

Sore teeth

The Snorer's Friend applies forces to the teeth while it is in place, for most people this causes no problems (the forces are quite small). For some people, this can result in discomfort and, in rare cases, gradual movement of the teeth.


Sometimes after purchasing, a customer will email me and say "thanks, I really hope this fixes my OSA as I am sick of my stupid CPAP machine."




so DON'T DO IT, mmmkay?


Sometimes dentures and the Snorer's Friend get on just fine. At other times they don't. Irritation of the gums where they contact the dentures is the most common problem.


A very small percentage of people experience a gag reflex with the Snorer's Friend in place. It's much rarer than you'd think, around 2 in 1,000 report it. These are usually people who have to be very careful to avoid gagging when brushing their teeth. Usually trimming the device (which can be done with normal domestic scissors) so that it doesn't go so far back in the mouth will fix the problem for these people.

Allergic reaction

Approximately one customer per 1,000 reports small ulcers appearing on their gums. I'm not sure if this is actually an allergic reaction or just a response to having something touching the gums all night. In all cases so far the ulcers have healed within 2-3 days of the person discontinuing use.

Here is some feedback from people who needed to use the money back guarantee. I'm just going to start by putting up some feedback I got today.... I'd like to think I'd add more as time went on but given the huge backlog of things I need to add to this site it's likely to lag a long way behind reality.

From: [deleted]
To: "scott battersby" <>
Subject: Re: [004754] Snorer's Friend refund processed

Hi Scott,
Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. I was amazed at the speed with which my money was refunded, together with the advice to try to get things to work.
I have experimented along the lines you suggested and tried everything I can think of as well to get to the point where your device would be usable for my reluctant body, all to no avail.
I thank you so much for your efforts on my behalf, for your honesty and integrity as a businessman, sadly too rare in today's world. and wish you every success. You truly do deserve it.
David [surname deleted]