A note about addresses, mainly for Australian residents

I send Snorer's Friends ® via Australia Post "Express Post". The parcels are too bit big to fit in most letterboxes, which can cause some problems. Deliveries are usually attempted some time between 8:30am and 4:00pm. If there is nobody there to receive the parcel the delivery person will randomly do one of three things :

(1) Leave the package somewhere on your property. This could be somewhere logical, like in your letterbox (if they can get the back open to put it in) or somewhere bizarre (like stuffed into a pot plant next to a door you rarely use, or hidden in your electricity meter box), or somewhere insecure like on your front doorstep.

(2) Take it back to the nearest post office and leave a card telling you to pick it up from there between 9am and 5pm weekdays, which may require time off work for you. The card could be left in your letterbox or somewhere bizarre.

(3) Same as (2) but forget to leave a card.

There is no reliable way of controlling which option they chose. Instructions on the parcel like "please leave by back door if no-one is home" are generally ignored. So please try to give me an address where there will be someone to receive the parcel. Usually your work address is best.