Snorer's Friend ® is manufactured in Adelaide, South Australia
ADL resources Pty Ltd ACN 131 829 662
as trustee for
ADL resources Trust ABN 84 801 281 648


Office Phone 1800 726 889
Scott's mobile 0407 712 883
Postal address ADL resources
PO Box 32
Office / warehouse Shops 5 & 6
20 Taylors Avenue
Morphett Vale, SA, 5162
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TGA Registration

The Snorer's Friend appears on the TGA register under number ARTG#115164

Here's my TGA certificate. Click thumbnails to see larger, legible version. But be warned, it's fascinating reading, and VERY hard to put down once you get into it, So don't start unless you can really spare the time!

Here's a funny thing - as devices are added to the register they are assigned a unique number. So I got 115164, the next application got 115165, and so on. A useful consequence of this is that you can tell the order in which devices were introduced to the Australian market.

I have one particularly enthusiastic competitor who doesn't mind bending the truth from time to time if there's a sale to be made. I won't name names in case he gets mad and goes all Jackie Chan on me.

Anyway... one claim he likes to make in big bold letters is "Australia's Number 1 Original Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece!".

Now you would think that, if he really was the Number 1 Original then his ARTG number would have to be lower than mine. Interestingly, it's quite a lot higher.

Snorer's Friend is GST-Free

Snorer's Friend is GST-Free

"GST" is a funny tax we have in Australia. The haphazard way it is applied to some medical devices and not to others is truly hilarious.

GST is just a normal "value added tax" like a lot of other countries have, but our politicians decided it needed a special name, to make it more... errr... special. That must have happened the same night they decided to work out what things would be exempt from GST by using a hat and little pieces of paper. Over-indulgence in alcohol is a traditional part of a politician's role in Australia.

GST doesn't apply to anything we export, so if you are outside Australia this page is not relevant to you.

If you are within Australia, you might like to know that I received notification on Jan 11th 2006 from the Australian Taxation Office (under case NBA 503 3634) that the supply of these devices is GST-free.

They also went to considerable effort to tell me that if someone WANTED to pay GST it was OK for me to add it to the price and charge the customer, as long as I was registered for GST (which I am) and provided a tax invoice (which I can) and sent the GST I collected to the ATO (which I am happy to do). So, if you want to pay GST on a Snorer's Friend, well, that's cool, just let me know and I'll add it to your bill and forward the extra to the tax office, so you can claim it back when you put in your BAS.