Snoring is more than an annoying embarrassment, it is a serious problem which affects the health and happiness of the snorer, as well as those they love.

(source : Scott Battersby, renowned self-quoter, 2004)

Basically, you should definitely get this.
It is so much cheaper and easier than a divorce.

(source : Scott Battersby, renowned self-quoter, 2006)


Hi, my name is Scott Battersby. I was previously a world-class snorer, and my snoring was really destroying my life. After waking up too many times with sore ribs and a grumpy partner (can you guess how I got sore ribs?) I decided to see what could be done.

In 2003, after a lot of research and expensive and annoying experiments with plenty of "bogus" anti snoring products, I eventually found out about Mandibular Advancement Devices.

A mandibular advancement device is a thing that you wear in your mouth while you sleep, and it holds your lower jaw (mandible) in a slightly forward (advanced) position. Because your tongue is anchored to your mandible, doing that widens the part of your airway which is most likely the origin of your snoring. In most cases, people can comfortably get their jaw far enough forward, and their airway opened wide enough, to completely stop their snoring.

Mandibular advancement devices weren't being manufactured in Australia at that time, but I managed to get one from overseas. I reluctantly paid $187 for it, and was completely amazed to hear from my girlfriend that it completely stopped my snoring!

I was over the moon about that.

I was also kind of cheesed off, because :

1. No medical professionals in Australia seemed to know mandibular advancement devices existed. It had taken me AGES to stumble across them by myself.

2. I had paid $187 for something that looked like it could be made for much, much less.

So, in a mad moment in 2004, I decided I should immediately start a business making and selling mandibular advancement devices in Australia.

The result of that rather hasty decision is this website and my Snorer's Friend ® product

Thankfully it seems to have worked out OK. There are now lots of Australian doctors recommending my product, there have even been three "copy cat" startups manufacturing in Australia, and several people selling imported devices, which means lots more advertising and public awareness. Hopefully all that means that you discovered mandibular advancement devices with much less effort than I did, and are now well on your way to quiet nights and a happy partner.

Thanks for reading!


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