Here are some questions I get asked often.

What does FAQ mean?

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. It's trendy computer jargon. I didn't make it up, FWIW. HTH.

I have dentures... can I use the Snorer's Friend?

Dentures certainly reduce the likelihood of success with the Snorer's Friend.

There is a reasonable chance it will work if
(1) you usually sleep with your dentures in
(2) they fit very snugly (ie you could eat a fresh apple with no problems without using a knife at all)
(3) your gums are healthy and show no signs of irritation from your dentures (as this will probably get worse when you apply extra forces from the Snorer's Friend)

You are welcome to try the Snorer's Friend, the money back guarantee will still apply. But if the three conditions above aren't met, there is little chance of it working.

You may have some success with a device made in New Zealand. It holds the tongue forward in a small suction bulb arrangement. I have never used one of these nor have I been able to find anyone who has, so I have no idea if it is tolerable to wear. But it works on the same principle as the Snorer's Friend, just without the need for teeth to anchor to. Details at http://www.buyaveotsd.com/

How come the Snorer's Friend is so cheap?

Some people have asked me how my product can be any good, given that it's a lot cheaper than other Mandibular Advancement Devices.

Here's how :

(1) My product is NOT as good as the professionally fitted devices. The professional ones are made from much harder material, so they last a fair bit longer. They also (most of them at least) have some kind of adjustment mechanism, so you can get your jaw in the exact right place - far enough to stop your snoring, but no further, so your jaw joint doesn't hurt. You can adjust the Snorer's Friend to get the same effect of course, but you do that by soaking it in hot water and and remoulding it. This is not as precise and so sometimes you'll need several goes to get it right.

Being made from harder materials, the professionally fitted devices will generally last longer. This is especially true if the snorer is also a tooth-grinder or clencher. I have two regular customers who are ferocious grinders and each get through a Snorer's Friend in around 6 weeks. But for a non-grinder, the Snorer's Friend should last at least 1 year, and 2 years is quite possible.

The professional devices cost around AUD$1500.... the Snorer's Friend costs around AUD$70. Is it worth the extra AUD$1430 to get the advantages listed above? Personally I don't think so.

(2) My product is every bit as good as the other 'DIY' devices on the internet, and it's better than the few that lack a breathing hole. I think the other sellers are just happy to charge more than I am. They know people are desperate for a cure, they have a solution that works, so why not sell it for as much as possible? I like to feel I am helping people for a reasonable price. I also think my competitors are aiming way too high up the "price-volume" curve to maximise their profit. I may well be aiming a bit low... but anyway here I am! My price allows me to comfortably manage the refund claims (yes I really do pay out under my 'money back guarantee' - details here!) and still lets me spend enough time helping any customers that need help.

(3) One final point is that you are "dealing direct with the manufacturer" when you buy from me. That probably helps keep the costs down a bit too.

How come the Snorer's Friend is so expensive?

Some people have asked me why the Snorer's Friend isn't cheaper.

Usually these people are comparing the Snorer's Friend to a sports mouthguard, which costs around $8 (Feb 08) in a pharmacy, so I'll address the question from that perspective.

Firstly there's more "stuff" in a Snorer's Friend pack than you get when you buy a sports mouthguard. You're getting 2 Snorer's Friends, and every Snorer's Friend is like two sports mouthguards joined together back to back (A sports mouthguard only covers your upper teeth, which is good because it means you can open your mouth to breathe when you're playing sport, but this also makes them useless for mandibular advancement, unless you join two together). There's some notes on making your own M.A.D. from sports mouthguards here.

So this means you are getting the equivalent of 4 sports mouthguards worth of material, so $32 to start with.

Next, I am pretty sure there are a lot more sports mouthguards sold than mandibular advancement devices, so their manufacturing costs are going to be significantly lower per part than mine. I know that doesn't help you much, but it's just a fact of life that specialised things cost more to make.

Lastly, you are also buying a piece of me (err, figuratively speaking). I'll be available to answer any questions you have and help you through any problems. I am dedicated to my customers and I'll do everything I can to make you happy. Even if that means making a loss on your particular sale. If the moulding goes badly, I'll send you extra mouthpieces for free. If your dog eats it a week after you get it (happens a lot actually), I'll give you extra mouthpieces for free. If you leave it in a hotel and desperately need it back because your partner is coming over for a dirty weekend, I'll send you a replacement by express post. If the Snorer's Friend doesn't work for you (and you've purchased the guarantee) I'll refund your entire payment and stick with you until you find something that DOES work for you. I'll give you as much free advice, and do as much research for you, as it takes to make you happy.

Does it come in different sizes?

No. It doesn't really need to. The material is extremely flexible when it's heated, so it can accommodate a very wide range of mouth sizes. Out of the first 1400 retail customers, 2 said it was too large, and 1 said it was too small. So your chances of it fitting are pretty good. But please purchase the guarantee if you are worried at all. I'll give all your money back if it doesn't fit you.

Can I pick one up instead of getting it posted out?

Sure, if you want to. Click here for details.